Garrott Odom - The Power of 3 (Digital EP)

Garrott Odom - The Power of 3 (Digital EP)


(8 Songs, 26 Minutes)


For Clayton County. Garrott Odom unleashed his debut The Power of 3 album, and it’s everything you need to hear.

The Georgia native took years to meticulously interweave the perfect sound for his first instalment as “Garrott Odom”; nonetheless, after trials, errors, and setbacks, the Draft Pick Family emcee found it in him to unveil his true self to the world. Putting his best foot forward, he crafted a fresh body of work composed of 8 tracks. Ride passenger seat as Odom takes us on a trip through his experiences as a Clay Co rep, his innermost sentiments, and hopes for his near future.

With southern bass-heavy soundscapes provided by The AntydoteDijon StylezKahzee, and Odom himself, the fresh presentation will keep you on your toes, ready to cruise the highway and let your speakers bleed.

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