Cameron Butler - "Mighty Morphin' Cameron Butler" LP

On the opener to Cameron Butler and suprchnk's first full-length record together, Butler touts a lofty proposition: "[We're] probably the greatest duo since Madvillainy". Sure, the comparisons to the 2004 classic are undeniable. One-of-a-kind East Coast rapper? Check. Wildly innovative Los Angeles-based producer? Check. But make no mistake – Mighty Morphin' Cameron Butler, or MMCB for short, is entirely a beast of its own world. 

Butler and suprchnk have nothing to prove, but are more than happy to lay it out on the table for you anyway. Merging suprchnk's hyper-minimalist instrumentals with Butler's formidable flows, MMCB is an album dripping with excitement and innovation; the kind of art that people spend lifetimes trying to create. They just did it without even trying.